Ignorance is bliss pt. 2

I found this on Twitter and figured I’d share this to prove how some people have double standards when certain characters are involved. This is not a race war, or any form of political/religious debate, and this also proves a point of ignorance breeds hate.

For those wondering, Disney is redoing The Little Mermaid with a black actress, and parts of the internet are divided about this decision. Why is this important? Because those opposed to this decision are the most vocal about the issue. Most involved are the same people who swore Jesus was white, and will defend to the bone why their choice is above all; while arguing a fictional character can’t be of something else. There’s various historical documentation regarding the nationality of Jesus, and some will still argue on what they grew up on regardless of what history proves. No one is 100% right and/or accurate, however people will still defend what they’re familiar with. The Little Mermaid is a fictional story which anyone can be the Mermaid; yet again people will defend the original cartoon version they grew up with for various reasons, while ignoring the fact of the original non-Disney story is much different.

While I normally don’t condone to racial issues, this does raise a valid point of “who cares?” The original version (pre Disney) is a much darker story with a different ending, yet no one talks about the differences between them. There were some comments I wanted to post, but to prevent potential degradation of my blog I’ll leave the reading the comments up to you through Google.

In short, before arguing your case on something, know the entire situation first. Also, fact checking can go a long way in your favor.

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