Internship is legalized slavery

Ever heard of internship?

What’s sad are people willing to tell others to seek employment opportunities, and to not be taken granted for, to only find available opportunities through free labor called internship. In most cases employers will only hire who will be their free meal ticket rather than someone who will work because they want to grow themselves.

While not all internships are bad, it does raise some questions and far more concerns. Biggest issue involves being accepted to your choice of employment, and yes someone who’s far more qualified can/will take the opportunity and leave you back to square one.

One example of “free labor” is a high profile Hollywood company (keeping their name hidden as a just in case) who will claim your work if you come up with an idea while under their contract. This particular company (I’ll call X) has an in depth ToS, as well as a contract which has confusing legal jargon to confuse people into something they don’t really agree with. X uses this tactic as a way to gain even more money over time through someone elses hard work and ideas.

A video game company follows the same ideas as X, and even goes as far as saying if you seek legal action you have to pay for the legal fees and even forfeit any money you gain if you win the case.

Some law offices force their employees to forfeit a percentage of their earnings from court cases.

Some software companies will pay a one time royalty fee instead of paying over time for certain ideas.

The music industry is highly notorious for stealing talent and barely paying for lost time.

There’s also the reverse side to this. Some companies will compensate you heavily because they realize the idea generators are the reason why said company are still in business.

A Hollywood company will actually pay over time depending on overall revenue to those who come up with good ideas.

Another software company will credit and also provide a royalty service.

The rise of paid gamers are due to other gamers want to see games played by actual people, not what the company wants you to see.

If you notice a rise in underground movements, independent films, non mainstreamed software companies, and a lot of contractor type of jobs, now you know why. No one wants to work for free. It’s not a risk/reward setup like the media tries to debate, it’s the idea of people being taken advantage of for someone elses gain.

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