Irony at it’s finest

While this is satire, the sad reality involves the majority to lose weight to look good on the internet. Why exactly? What’s the point of looking good for strangers you will never meet in person?

“I want to look good for a potential employer.” Great! What’s the position? What’s the job in question? Have you been selected already?

“I want to show off my new body!” There’s showing progress, and there’s bragging. There’s a thin line between the two as well; progress is over time, going in detail of the hows and what’s, and talking the advantages of actually being where you’re at currently. Bragging is more of posting various pictures and shaming others who aren’t where you’re at.

“I want to be healthy. ” Define healthy? Because there’s a difference between healthy and skinny, and the majory think skinny is healthy when in actuality it’s not.

Those are the top 3 the majority use, and I’m I’m there’s more that require clarification. So in short, a joke is full of truth and irony.

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