The rule of business 101

Too bad most businesses are worried about money, investors, and the bottom line. It’s easy to forget the customer because they always come back (depending on circumstances), which means a guaranteed paycheck.

To the business – all the customer has to do is shop somewhere else, which means limited to no income on your end. Stop thinking with your pockets first and start being what you advertise to the world. There’s no such thing as forever; so once the competition amps their game up, and steals your business, you can either do better to gain the customers back or fold and pack up.

To the customer – if you shop somewhere, and these rules aren’t applied, shop elsewhere. Even if shopping means going online, so be it. You can save time, gas, headache, and at times even money.

As I mentioned before, we are all customers somewhere, and if you don’t like being ripped off, or feeling cheated, or lied to, don’t pull the same garbage on your customers.

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