Searching for common sense

If you’re a doctor, don’t you hate people who self-diagnose themselves on something someone else said?

Tech agents, how many times have you tried to help a customer who refuses to believe your expertise because a reddit post said something different?

Car mechanics, ever wanted to choke someone who listens to a YouTube video instead of you even after showing the problem?

The list can go on, however you get the point. While there are some wild cards out there, and yes there are companies who think with their pockets first, there are legit workers who want to see the customer helped first. The rule of keeping customers is cheaper than trying for new customers is a true statement which shouldn’t be taken lightly.

If you’re the customer, and something does seem off, seek a second or even a third opinion first. Online assistance is an option yes, and sometimes information online can be useful, however just like other information, always fact check. You save yourself time, headache, money, and even your reputation.

If you’re the company or associate, remember you’re a customer at someone elses business. You wouldn’t like someone ripping you off, so why do the practice to someone else? The same, lame excuses of mouths to feed and bills to pay are the same excuses other people used so come up with something different to validate why greed comes first.

Today’s thought – The internet is a useful tool for information, and use common sense for the problem in question. If you’re the business, try the best you can to explain to the customer why their information isn’t as accurate as experience and/or schooling. Bonus points for actually proving the flaws in the customers internet search.

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