Wanted: Leaders, not Bosses

From a business perspective, leaders will keep a job going. A boss will, over time, kill either a business or force good people out to other locations.

Notice how the boss is at the top while the other associates are climbing on their own. This is a metaphor of the typical boss who just wants to reap the rewards of the hard work of their associates. I’m not referring to all bosses, just the ones who aren’t people persons.

The leader is helping everyone achieve the top of the mountain, which is a metaphor of a good leader who wants to see everyone succeed. A successful business has people working together, everyone on the same page, and works together with good communication.

I write this today because I’m sure there’s moments when we have higher ups who are unfair, not qualified for their position, and/or pick on various associates for stupid reasons which causes those below them to seek greener pastures. I’m active leader of a comic and video game releasing within the year, and I’m taking the wrongs and turning them into rights.

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