Will work for College debt

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As a college graduate, does this conversation bring back memories?

A – You have a degree now. You can find work anywhere.

B – I’m looking.

A – But you have a degree in X. That’s a lot of money.

B – It’s a competitive market. I did apply and waiting to hear back.

A – You’re not trying hard enough.

B – It’s not as easy as you think to just find work after college.

A – I don’t believe that. Look at X, Y, and Z. They got jobs outside college. Why can’t you?

B – And look at what their degrees are in. Areas where they can find work and get paid, not something they like doing.

A – Then why did you get a degree in X then?

B – Because it’s something I like doing.

A – But it’s not paying the bills is it?

B – Once I find the job I want, it will.

A – But what if it doesn’t come at all?

B – I’ll have to relocate then.

A – I still don’t understand how you can’t find work with X degree.

B – Did you complete college?

A – Remains silent then changes the subject


A – No. I went straight to work because College is overrated.


A – No because (insert life barrier here).

B – Then you don’t know what it’s like to look for work post college then.

Far too many times those who didn’t complete college (and sometimes high school) tend to think they know how the job market works – they don’t. Yes there are people who were able to break into some market, and make a living off hard work and being at the right place/time. There’s also those who didn’t finish college and ended up working between jobs which didn’t fit what they studied. There’s also moments where college grads are having a hard time finding work – why’s that?



Timing of graduating

Current Market

Society in general

It’s sickening when someone with a Psychology degree works at Olive Garden. Some would argue, “they didn’t spend the time to look for work in their field.” In reality, if the market doesn’t have a call for the job/position, there’s not much they can do. Some would debate working with the Government, however even the Government at times can prove to be unreliable, and sometimes even takes too long for the hiring process. So basically one can argue a college student wasted time and money to work at the same job as someone who didn’t even finish high school. Which in turn is a form of work communism – where everyone is the same regardless of education and/or work experience.

There’s also moments when College grads have to find the first job that says yes to hiring them – which to the non grads look bad. It’s easy to write off a part/full time job as “not enough” when in reality there’s limited options; and even through hiring agencies there’s still times where it can take months/years to hear back from them.

Here’s the reality of the whole situation – you’re told to seek education to get that dream position; to only be told later to either wait or find something else. If you also sought after student loans, you’re now in debt over being told to seek higher education for that chance of getting what you want. Situations like this is why the majority (like myself) want to start a business, and/or work at the first employer who hires us – not because we want to, because we have to.

Lesson of the day – If you’re a college grad looking for employment; you’re not alone, and if needed make a living by any legal means necessary. If possible, make your dream position instead of waiting to be hired to only be turned down.

If you never finished college; until you actually finish higher education, you will never know what it’s like to be pressured by society to seek a degree/certification, to only have it as a burden of debt and multiple “we will contact you back” to never hear from anyone again. Regardless of how many times you go online to read success stories, you won’t know what it’s like.

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