Victory by Sun Tzu

I’ll provide some examples of where this can apply in real life.

Someone running their mouth. Best thing to do is stay quiet, and let them continue to run their mouth. Sometimes you may have to defend yourself, however do so when the one running their mouth isn’t around. Over time the one talking trash, will get what’s coming to them through people questioning their logic and reasoning. If lies are involved, they will also catch up and be used against the one running their mouth. Talk is cheap.

Stuck in a video game. Being a gamer, this applies 200% whenever I’m stuck on something. Best advice is to try something different. Different strategy, different fight pattern, and most of all – be random. You will get through whatever you’re stuck on. Persistence is key. Also, there’s the Internet if you’re unsure of what to do next. As Babe Ruth quoted, It’s impossible to defeat the person who doesn’t quit.

Difficulty finding the job/work you want. There’s two solutions to this. First option is to be persistent, and never give up. Option two is to make the job you want. Reminds me of a quote I’ve heard – If you like what you’re doing, you will never work a day in your life.

Battling a mental issue. Best advice I can provide is to seek help, and to take your medication. Talk to someone who will listen, and someone who can/will understand. Remember you’re not the only one, regardless of where you live.

Those are the biggest ones currently I hear/read about on a semi daily basis. Best advice is to stay low, think things through, and be persistent. Always have a Plan B when necessary.

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