Contact etiquette

*phone rings*

Person X – Hello?

Person Z – You need to come get your mail. You have a lot of mail over here you need to pick up.

X – I already did a change of address. Did you do a return to sender?

Z – Yea I did and they still come back to us. You need to come get your mail.

X – What type of mail is it?

Z – Reads various types of mail.

X – Go ahead and throw it away. Sounds like a bunch of junk.

Z – Throws away mail.

X – I don’t get how the mail keeps going to your address when the post office has already been updated.

Z – Well your mail keeps coming here. I’ll just throw it away from now on.

X – At least keep it for now and keep me updated.

Z – Ok but it’s still annoying.

X – I gotta go.

Z – Like I said just the mail coming here. Ok bye. *click*

Notice how Z didn’t ask how X was doing, or checking up on X to make sure everything’s ok? This is what happens when people call with intent on trying to get nothing accomplished. Honestly, Z could have easily called to check on X, and transition into getting mail at their address.

This is one of the many moments where people contact each other with various negative intentions instead of actively trying to be more positive. If you’re person Z, first check on X to make sure everything’s ok, and they’re not busy. Notice Z didn’t ask if X was busy, or had a minute to talk? Just straight to the point of what they (Z) wanted.

X, as usual, was side shot with a one-sided conversation. If you’re person X, and the other person doesn’t want to listen; cut the conversation short. After a while, they’ll get the message.

Message of the day – If you have to contact someone, at least take the 5 seconds to make sure they can talk, and everything’s good before going to the meat and potatoes of the conversation. You’d be amazed on the outcome of the conversation, and sometimes even learn the why of certain situations without even bringing up the original intent.

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