Second perspective of life’s journey

They say sometimes the journey is more important than the destination, however what does being on the journey mean?

First, the definition of journey –

And this is destination –

One would argue journey is living, and death is destination. Another would argue journey is schooling, and destination is the job you wanted. Either way, everyone’s version is different, and we all need to be reminded just because one’s journey may not make sense to you, it does to them.

I hear countless times of people mocking, talking down, ridicule, etc. of various journey’s people go through, yet never ask the right questions to understand. There are people who wanted to get to their destination, to only be deterred and ended up down the wrong path.

A perfect example involves kids/children – at a younger age, they want to be something, and as they get older that something turns into either a dream (because of a life barrier), or their peers influence them into other plans (sometimes good, sometimes bad). The few who do stick to their plans from childhood, end up highly successful because they don’t allow society to run their lives.

While I was “out,” I was able to do a lot of observation, thinking, reading, and realized my journey still has a way to go. Doesn’t matter how old you are, where you live, who you are, there’s still time to get to your destination.

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