How to be a human part 1

True statement. Sad reality is-

“Money talks”

Followers determines how much money you can make

Too many people bank on what a piece of paper says instead of actual knowledge. A degree should be based on hard work and dedication, not for bragging rights

Titles shouldn’t be used as a modifier for status or money, but rather in respect and how the higher ups treat people.

I’ve read comments from both sides, and the ones who follow the “don’t” side over time learns the hard way why they’re never happy, and why everyone knows their business. Also money is their modifier for being happy.

The “Do’s” side (including myself) are always broke, never have much, and always getting shafted; yet we’re happy because no one is in our business 24/7. When we do make money, we keep what we need and help others so those even less fortunate can have an opportunity.

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