Lesson learned

Living here in Vegas, I realized something I didnt learn in Missouri – sometimes people move to run away, and not actually want to expand on who they are as a person.

Person E made some questionable life decisions, including some irreversable life long commitments, yet swears they “have it good.” Yet the one thing noticed is the lack of loyal friends available when they need something. E is currently in a living situation where things can go bad at any time, yet has no plan b if things don’t work out.

Person C wants to try new experiences, and also wants to expand to get a good network going. C always tried to at least do the right thing, even if the situation doesnt go in their favor, they still have to do right. C also realizes there’s more to learn as time goes on.

Person Y was born with a silver spoon in their mouth. Everything given to them, and even more than asked. Y also has the fanciest vehicle, is the best looking towards everyone, and always has money in their pocket. Y doesn’t know what hard work is because they never had to learn what it’s like to earn a dollar. Y also prefers to live in ignorance because it’s better to not know. Y also has trouble meeting people due to unrealistic expectations.

Person H was born poor. H always had to get everything second hand, doesn’t know what it’s like to have extra money because every dollar they make goes to rent or their family. H has some friends but not many due to the fact that H was always judged based on income status and not as a person.

Put all these people in a new, foreign location they never been to, and see which one makes it after one year. Heres the modifiers –

Everyone will start with the same amount of money. You can earn more but won’t be given unless it’s an emergency

Excluding medical reasons, no outside help from current family/friends

They all will have access to the same services

Equal transportation between everyone

After the one year, whoever came out ahead will be heavily rewarded with something of their choice.

I bring this up because I’ve realized a deeper connection with people who want to expand as an individual and not follow what society says is within their reach. The other issue is too many people like to dismiss each other rather than taking the time to learn about the person(s). Once I do go back to Mo temporarily, one tie will be heavily restricted due to the nature of their current lifestyle, as well as their decisions. The people I mentioned above all fit someone I’ve met over time, and still actively talk to all 4 people on a semi daily basis.

The lesson is this – respect each other; because where you’re a hero in one story, you’re the villain in another. Which side do you want to be on?

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