A perfect way to ruin a day

I remember going to the mailbox at my current residence while paying my rent when I noticed a letter in the mailbox. I opened the letter to notice a Cashier’s Check for $2480. The address and name checked out as being legit, or so I thought. There were no other letters, material, or “what to do next,” just a check.

I went to my bank to first try to cash in the check at the ATM, and the check didn’t take. Noticed I inserted the check wrong, so I tried a second time. After a minute, nothing again, and the check was spit back out. I wasn’t sure why the check wasn’t accepted, so I filled out a deposit slip just in case, and talked to the bank associate.

Good news is I asked the bank associate if the check is legit, and their answer is –


Teller – “What other mail came with this?”

Me – “Nothing. Just the check in some envelope.”

Teller – “This does look fake. Did you do anything for someone, or sell something?”

Me – “No. Just I noticed it in my mailbox.”

(Teller then goes to his manager, they both return)

Manager – “Whoever made this cashiers check made it look real but unfortunately it’s fake. Also we need to keep this to contact the bank to let them know this is fake.”

Me – “Ok thanks.” Walks away upset and mad.

The entire time I’m thinking, “Who would send me a random check for a high amount to have it fake? Who all knows I live here from New Mexico (no one)? Well played joke someone pulled.

For those who received fake checks in the wild, you’re not the only one. Someone out there knows there’s those of us with money problems, and yet still pull jokes on people for various reasons without recourse. The money would have been a good start, however due to being fake now I know there’s people out there who feed on the unfortunate. For those who think its funny to feed on those who aren’t fortunate – low income, always hitting bad luck, can’t afford nice clothes, and always struggling to barely make ends meet – your turn is coming.

For those who think I did a stupid move by verifying the check first; I did the right thing by verifying if it’s real or not. Yes I need the money, but I also believe in following the law. I may be broke the rest of my life, or “scraping by,” or never making anything above minimum wage; but one thing I do have is Integrity. That’s something you can’t buy. While I was borderline broken down, someone out there is having a field day knowing my day went to trash.

If the check ended up being legit, and the bank lied, I’ll never know. If the check is fake, I’ll never know. All I know is there’s no difference between someone actually helping and someone just wanting to make your day worse with these types of setups.

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