Ignorance is bliss version 2

For the past couple of days, I’ve been reading into an article I came across on a site I’ve been active on since 2008. Here’s the blog posting from a user on the site n4g.com –


and this is the original posting


Part of the reason why I didn’t post yesterday is running into this article; which should be addressed for those who think “Freedom of speech” means being an idiot. I’ll only provide the highlights:

The person didn’t read the entire ToS to understand his actions will get him banned

The person in question is a proud racist, meaning ignorance comes first

Toxic behavior isn’t tolerated on video games, and will get you banned for repeat offenses

The person brings up a claim about having restrictive access on the games purchased; which divides the community

Sony clearly states in their ToS repeat toxic behavior means limited/no access to digital content

Gaming community currently is divided because of this

What does all this mean? It means had the person read the ToS before logging online, they would have thought twice about their mouth. And if said person is a proud racist, keep their toxic behavior to the offline world so the rest of the gamer community can at least enjoy themselves without idiots like this running around.

To those confused about what’s going on, or why is this relevant, think for a minute. How many times have people thrown the term “freedom of X” around to abuse the privilege instead of actually understanding what the term actually means? Do they even know what freedom actually means? Does it mean to say whatever you want, without punishment? Speak your mind without offending others? Being careful on what you say/do because for every cause there’s a reaction? Brings me to an Einstein quote:

Image result for albert einstein ignorance

The person knows what he did is wrong, and admits to it. Yet doesn’t understand why his account, and everything purchased is limited/blocked. Toxic behavior isn’t allowed, and will get you in trouble. Works with social media in general – if you don’t know, or unsure, ask. Better to ask, get the correct answer, and move on rather than to “guess” or “assume” and later complain/whine about it.

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