Entrepreneur – real or fake?

Entrepreneur – a person who organizes and manages any enterprise, especially a business, usually with considerable initiative and risk (1).

2 – Dream purser. Someone who doesn’t live by society and instead does their own thing and over time makes it big (2).

After watching some YouTube videos, did some extensive reading, talking to actual successful people here in Vegas, and going over some life goals I was conned out of when I was younger, I realized there’s some fake entrepreneurs (I’ll call them E) who only talk of knowing how to “make it big” as opposed to actually making it.

First, what does “making it big” mean? Does it mean having unlimited amounts of money at your disposal? Having (fake) friends around who encourage your decisions? Living on your own in an expensive place? Owning more cars than books? Or, is it living comfortably, having everything you need, and being happy at what you do?

Watching some of the fake E videos, I can’t help but notice some of the same patterns:

Flashing expensive merchandise, clothes, cars, and/or jewelry

Talking about how rich they are but not about what they’re doing

“Never bothered to read”

Talk down about education but never do anything to help the system

Pull the “If I can do it you can to” behavior

Never hear of these people through any channels outside YouTube/DailyMotion video

Never talk about the actual struggle(s) to get where they’re at today

Pretend to help those who are first starting

Typical “Rags to riches” stories

Classified as con men at times

Mixes lies with truth (I don’t mean exaggerations, but lies)

Then there’s the real versions:

Aren’t afraid to talk about failure

More known/common, even in solitude

Talk about some of their methods to help those just starting out

Know they put their pants on one leg at a time like the rest of us

Education is important. Nothing wrong with having a degree in case you need a back-up plan

Instead of bragging about how much they make, they talk about how much they give to help the less fortunate

Do what they like/love, not what brings in money

What really separates the two, the real version(s) always ALWAYS talk in front of an audience as a positive modifier because they know what it’s like to live on almost nothing. Also the real version(s) talk regarding what made them change, the journey, and how being on top doesn’t change who you are, but more on what you learned.

The fake versions also provides videos regarding what might/may work, but not what actually works. Due to time constraints I can’t really provide examples until a later time.

Even if I don’t make it (death, or some uncontrollable modifier), I can at least say I tried, and did more than the person who did nothing but talk negative and downplayed everyone. I still have an ultimate goal, and working on what needs to be accomplished to reach that point. I have people depending on me to succeed, and I’ll make sure not to fail them. I learned from the real versions to never change your goal, only change how to achieve it.

If nothing else, remember this – Real E’s help, talk, motivate, and are known for their accomplishments. Fakes do nothing but talk about being at the top but not how they got there.

1 – https://www.dictionary.com/browse/entrepreneur

2 – https://www.urbandictionary.com/define.php?term=Entrepreneur

2 thoughts on “Entrepreneur – real or fake?

  1. Well said. I’ve often thought that when I see the E people that they are really just trying to get themselves ahead.


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