Common sense as a super power

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Today’s posting is brought to you by – Common Sense!

(I’m person X)

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Y – You’re ugly, broke, and sick!

X – I’m neither. I’m playing the life game on hard mode.

Y – And that means WHAT?! What @#$% advantage do you get out of being ugly?

X – My phone battery lasts a lot longer.

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Y – What can you provide that someone else can’t?

X – Loyalty, and knowledge.

Y – And how far has those taken you?

X – Far enough to know who to stay away from and who to communicate with.

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Y – You own all these books and yet how much have you made so far from wasting your time reading?

X – Enough to know what to avoid, and how to better myself to stay out of trouble and decisions I’ll regret later.

Y – And that means WHAT?!

X – Remains silent.

Y – See. Point made. You don’t know!

X – I also know when not to answer baited questions.

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Y – Get a real job!

X – Define “real job?”

Y – Leaving the house?!

X – So being a drug dealer is a real job?

Y – Walks off huffing and mad.

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Y – What have you done for society up to this point?

X – Not reproduce. We don’t need more unplanned children in the world.

Y – Is that a direct attack towards me?!

X – No, just in a general sense.

Y – Oh, so you’re GAY!

X – So a logical answer constitutes me as being gay? I don’t get it.

Y – You don’t look at women, you claim you don’t want kids, and all you do is talk to your internet friends online. That’s being GAY! End of story!

X – I’m so glad to hear you questioning my sexuality keeps you up at night. Also, last time I checked I’m not attracted to men at all.

Y – Walks away huffing.

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As you, the reader, can tell I had some rough moments trying to have a conversation with someone who lacks intelligence and respect towards others. Notice I kept calm, and kept a cool head instead of escalating the situation(s).

Today’s lesson is this – if someone says something you know is wrong, ask the right questions to get them to see the flaws in their own logic. If you’re limited on what questions you can ask, respond with something witty where they have no choice but to back down.

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