Is the video game The Division a sign of something?

Opening to the first game
Opening to the second game

For those unfamiliar, these cut scenes are from a high profile game, called Tom Clancy’s The Division and The Division 2. I bring these cut scenes up because the story, and game(s) do have a special, important message that should be paid attention to.

The short version is this – so many people swear wealth is a sign of power; however a situation like this occurs and all of the sudden it’s not so much of wealth but how you survive. Especially on the second clip, pay attention closely to what the narrators say, because there’s a reason why they say what they do.

And yes I actively play both games (with 2 just releasing back March of ’19), and the games basically tell people to prepare for the worse, and be prepared to know who your real friends and family are.

I bring this up today because I was in the middle of playing, and something inside me suggested posting this for today instead of another posting I was working on (Which I will post between later tonight and tomorrow).

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