Thought of the day

At least sometime during the day, I hear the sentence,

“I miss having…..”

Then I think to myself, “miss what exactly?” I think even deeper, and realize half of the people who miss certain areas of their life, probably never been though certain struggles like the rest of society. I then started to think of some of the areas of my life I miss, and after thinking, I realized there’s a lot of areas of life I never experienced; and some I’m glad I never did, and in some cases never will. For example –

I never been skinny, or a healthy weight regardless of what others remember of me. Does it bother me? No. Because real friends like me for who I am, not because I weigh 140 soak and wet. Also I’ve proved bigger people can/are smarter than someone who weighs a lot less.

I never had a decent amount of money; and the few times I did have more than expected, somehow I ended up broke and living between paychecks for years on end.

I never have, nor will ever get married – since it’s the number one cause of divorce.

I’m so glad I have 0 kids, and the first chance I get I’m gonna sell my parts off so someone else can have the nightmare of children while I walk around with some cash in my pocket.

Having a smaller circle of friends is far better than having a larger number.

Being good a video games means I have excellent hand/eye coordination.

Do any of this bother me? No. If you’re the type who lives in the past, you’re the reason why a lot of us can’t live in the present/future. Nostalgia is one thing, and yes even I miss certain aspects, at the same time I need to realize of this “plan” that I’m still uncertain of what it is. As May comes closer, time is winding down.

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