My test of faith through sacrifice

What does the word, sacrifice, mean to you as a reader? Giving something up for a better experience? Providing for someone/thing that couldn’t have a better life otherwise? Selling/giving away your most prized possession(s) to help those less fortunate? Something religious related? A combination? Or even all of the above?

I’ll tell you what my sacrifice was for today – my Qanba arcade stick, and HORI fightpad; both I use at my gaming tournaments to help keep a roof over my head. Along with those was some various PlayStation 1 games with the saves I worked so hard for back in High School and early College – all gone. Some comic books I read that aren’t superhero heavy – also gone.

It’s not due to not having employment – because I actively do have a job (doesn’t pay much); it’s because I’m putting on the line the whole believe in religion speech where they say “something better will come along.” I hope so, because otherwise I won’t be able to compete this year at Evo without the proper tools, or training.

What does all this mean? Well, when someone swears up and down all I do is “sit around and play video games,” not having what I need to win a tournament is proof that I don’t put gaming first. Does this mean I don’t believe? No. But it also means if nothing does come along, then all is lost over something that could have been taken care of had certain situations played out better. Say something does come along that’s better, then I can vouch for something out there watching, and believing in me winning.

In short – my sacrificing of my gaming tools will put religion to the test. This is not some “calling out” to a higher power – it’s to verify there is a higher power.

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