Patience part 2

Ever wondered what it’s like to “live on the edge?” I’m not referring to some silly, Internet rush, but actual, day to day routine to wonder what’s going to happen from one day to the next?

For those who don’t know what it’s like, I’ll explain. Imagine having a savings account lower than the amount of fingers on both hands. Imagine only having so much for unhealthy food but can’t afford healthy food. Imagine working your side hustle to borderline unrealistic hours until you do make it. Imagine having to sacrifice 90% of your most prized possessions just to “hope” you have enough for the week. Imagine having to cut 99% of your social life because the side hustle and your current employment are your only means of making it. All within legal bounds, all require help from family/friends because they believe in your dream(s), and all of it will be worth the headache in the end.

I learned actual patience – not the book definition, but the real world definition. For those who would like to know, it means this – having faith in a higher power because you’re legit in what you want out of life. Meet the higher power halfway, they will take care of the rest. For those who lack the faith in a higher power, it means giving up almost everything you currently own to ask yourself “is this worth it in the end?”

Too many people give up/in because the time alone to them isn’t worth the headache. They need that “Right now gratification” or the “I need a social life” yet complain about their current situation(s). People like us who want their ideas to work, will be the ones hiring those who need the “right now.”

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