A hate letter to the stupid

This blog is dedicated to the fallen, those who are struggling, those who are haters just to hate, people who said blogging is a waste of time and energy, and those who support blogging and are willing to hire good writers.

Being in Las Vegas, so many things I’ve seen, heard, and even experienced, just further proves society as a whole is corrupted and needs to be flushed out. Coming from a human, I absolutely hate the human race as a whole.

The beginning

It starts when you’re younger, and you realize you’re different than the other kids around you. Your likes, preferences, and even hobbies don’t match what the other kids are doing. You’re told by your parents and respectable adults that it’s ok to be different; yet people your age still think it’s “ride or die” when trying to fit in. No one really took the time to explain why you have to follow the crowd, just you have to because it’s the thing.

The adults, however, don’t really explain why it’s ok to be different. You read stories, see tv ads, songs, and even hear motivational speakers talk about being different, yet not one person actually said why you need to be different, provide examples, and actually provide ways to help those who refuse to follow the crowd. Well, I’ll be the voice they need. and explain the situation from my perspective.

Being different is by far much better than being the same like other people because people can’t read you. Being different, random, and even odd (within reason) will cause people to come to you because you’re not a drone like the rest. One example is having children. How many times were you able to go where you want, without having to think of others first in the family? Not to knock on happy couples because everyones version of happiness is different; but I’m referring to those who you can tell regret having children because they were pressured into having kids – by society.

“Be miserable like the rest of us” instead of “Be happy like the rest of us.” Notice it’s always the ones who don’t want kids talk trash about you deciding no on the kids part.

“Kids are the most precious gift for our family!” Precious how exactly? You’re pre-programmed to want to reproduce, why again? Because someone said so, or because of religion, or because of family/friends; not because you want them?

Moving away

I remember the day I left Missouri, and set for the west called Las Vegas; what an adventure. Traveling to the unknown; the idea of meeting new people, new experiences, and actually being outside the comfort zone is definitely a life changing experience.

Again, society will debate/argue “you don’t know anyone out there; what if (insert negative comment here),” and my all time favorite “what do you know about the place?” So let me get this straight – your ancestors were perfectly fine with traveling to the unknown, with what little tech they had at the time (no Google maps, etc), had harsher ways of traveling than now, and yet you’re too scared to venture out why? Because Fox News said X and Y place are bad areas to live with these high crime stories? Because you don’t know someone there? Because you’re not financially ready? Because family/friends talking you out of it? Again, you let society dictate what you should do because of some unwritten rule(s) regarding common sense of:

Knowing someone

Financial stabability

Having a roof over your head

Limited food

Yet those who you doubted – made it. With intuition, drive, help/assistance, and faith, they not only made their plan(s) work, they’re successful. Society as a whole needs to remember that just because someone is willing to venture to the unknown, doesn’t mean you need to shut down their dreams/desires because your’s were. People in this category make me (as well as others) sick. If someone is actively trying, and they’re willing to meet halfway with assistance, why knock that person? What idea(s) do you have to make the situation better? And if you know some plans/ideas, why didn’t you share them to help your “Friends” succeed?

The biggest revenge is to do better than those who knocked you down. They knock you down, stand back up. Over time the haters will get tired. I’ve been knocked down countless times, and stood back up. Why? Because I’m here to prove myself – not to prove them wrong (which comes second). So I hit bad moments where I do need help – who hasn’t?

Toxic Society

Society as a whole needs to be flushed out, and replaced with people who are willing to help, and not judge. We need more people who are willing to listen than ridicule. We need people who are out to help each other to better man overall instead of helping themselves then later complain they can’t do anything.

When people mention suicide, I now see why. Outside medical reasons, suicide is an escape from the BS the toxic society put in place for no apparent reason. The sad reality is suicide rates go up, yet very few question why. There’s theories, but unless you talk to the person themselves, you will never know. A note can only say so much, but actually talking to that person will help understand, and give them the help they need.

People like me who refuse to get married; it’s not because we haven’t met the right one, it’s we know they don’t exist. If divorce rates were lower (or not an option outside extreme circumstances), if there were programs to help those looking and not out to scam others, if there were avenues available for those looking, then we would take the dating game more seriously. Coming from a divorced family, I don’t see marriage as a bond between people; I see it as something man came up with to keep the good people from meeting each other to provide better lives for each other. The fact there’s scam artists feeding on those who are legit looking for someone is even further proof the dating game is nothing more than a joke. If you do actually meet the “right person,” don’t let a piece of paper prove it. Stay together, work things out, and let those who actually think marriage is a real thing keep their pipe dream alive.

Toxic society also put in place this bracket of those who make money as a form of status. Well, sorry to say but unless you worked a minimum wage job at least once in your life, you will never know what it’s like for the rest of us to struggle and find ways to make ends meet. Those who did work a minimum wage job (like me), are far more open minded when it comes to helping others out; as opposed to those who worked jobs making higher numbers at a time that some will never see. Some cases yes hard work was the factor; the other 99%, however, was who you know in that area at the right time. I get so sick of people screaming “get a job” or “If I can make it, you can to,” yet never EVER provide the assistance needed. It’s so easy to tell someone to “man up” but do nothing to help. Situations like this is why people like us shake our heads at those who can spend millions on what they don’t need.

Living on the West Coast, religion here is far more open minded than what’s called The Bible Belt (Missouri being in the belt). It’s not based on how much money you donate, or how much BS you can spout all day, or even if you were baptized – what matters is your attitude, respect, and how you treat others. Despite what the media says, I’ve seen first hand some of the religious help the homeless in various ways; yet when I was in Missouri this wasn’t as abundant. In Missouri, if you were an interracial couple, a gay/lesbian couple, or even non-white, you were approached countless times regarding religion and beliefs. Here, I have yet to witness someone being approached based on unrealistic modifiers – if you’re a good person, you met and even had conversations. The real test of religion here is the fact of people knowing who to talk to without being told to “piss off” like in Missouri. So I can say with 200% confidence, there is a higher power beyond our world, and all the atheists out there who swear something isn’t out there, needs to have the priorities in check. Think for a minute – atheists are a sign of be careful what you wish for; you wish for nothing to exist, therefore nothing exists.

For those who take offense to what I say, got angry, want to leave hate mail, thank you for proving my point(s). If you take nothing else from this – don’t let society tell you what to do. Do your own thing, because once the haters are gone, noise is just that – noise.

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