Positive vibes

This picture struck a good, positive nerve I’d like to reiterate for those who live on hatred and bigotry.

Living in Las Vegas, I’ve learned the area is far better than what Missouri had to offer when it comes to diversity. Diversity meaning:

Different nationalities

Different upbringing methods

Different ways of making both active and passive income

Different ways of life

Different ways of approaching a situation

Not everyone is out for themselves (within reason)

Religion out here is actually a way of helping each other rather than judging each other.

Currently there’s a “new term” for the weak-minded called Snowflake(s). I have seen first hand the good and bad regarding them and I’d like to show one perspective of how they impact society out here.

The short definition of a snowflake is a person who takes offense to almost everything, can also be classified as a white knight, and has the behavior of everyone’s a winner.

The good side shows people out here aren’t as rude, judgemental, and are happy for your business. Here it’s more about the customer and less about just making a sale, despite what Hollywood likes to portray. You can also tell those who been here longer because the people are more interested in learning about you as a person and why you chose to live out in this area. Religion out here is also more positive since they’re more about helping and less about judging; where other places it’s the other wayaround, and at times people question their faith because of the behaviors of those who claim to follow something.

As with the good, there is also the bad. Biggest issue I’ve noticed is people run away at the drop of a hat – the why can be debated. There’s also lack of a backbone from what I’ve seen from both men and women; is it fear of loneliness, or to prevent crime, or because of upbringing? Or something else all together?

One thing to keep in mind, I’m not saying these snowflakes are good and/or bad, just saying from one perspective what I’ve noticed from observation.

Instead of classifying people here, I’d like to say the area here is much better for those who want a change of pace, a more positive environment, and for those who want a challenge in knowing what it’s like to be outside your comfort zone.

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