What I learned today

I learned a few things today I’d like to share to prove “you learn something new daily.”

An old internet friend confirmed my suspicions on being in the closet. They’re still the same person I met online back in 2004 and still a good person. They liked my stance on their decision because once again I provided the best response.

A group of Moromons learned a few things off me to the point where they found new ways of teaching the word to others. They learned there’s educated people from Missouri, as well as people like me who are 200% educated.

The short version is theres 3 kingdoms of heaven, and hell is more of a metaphor rather than an actual place. Theres one kingdom that’s based on living the word; the middle (gray) area which is for people who live good but don’t follow the word; and the bottom area which is more for people who need to be educated. These are the areas after death instead of the typical heaven/hell debate people have.

Detroit Become Human is a good PS4 game everyone should try. Reason it’s a good game because theres an important lesson learned from the game if you pay attention.

I’m in dire need of money due to lack of work hours. So all donations accepted.

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