Know when to fight and when to walk away

What does this mean? Let’s look a some real life examples.

Example 1

Political/Religious debates. The short version – If you’re trying to win a debate/argument, gather the facts first before approaching/confrontation. Remember, arguing is who is right; debate is what is right. Regardless of what someone thinks they know, there’s someone who actually knows what’s going on behind the scenes. Why is this important? There’s moments people go off personal views rather than actual facts. What’s important is one media outlet can say something that sounds realistic, to only find out later it’s false information.

Example 2

Confronting an unfaithful person in a relationship. Again, have the facts first before confronting. So many people will start rumors, think they saw X person(s) with someone else, and at times even go off second hand information from an unreliable source. Before confronting, have tangible, documented evidence – text messages, video/audio recordings, etc. this way the person being confronted can’t lie/argue/debate out of the situation and instead has no choice but to come clean and admit they were wrong.

Example 3

Jealous people. The best way to be defeated before even fighting is to be a jealous person. Regardless of how successful, well off, rich, attractive a person is, there’s way much more than what you notice. So X person can pick up the same/opposite gender easily? What part of it is your business? Where do you come in? Just because they can pick up someone, does that mean they’re the perfect couple? Did the person they pick up someone you like? Maybe the person you though you like isn’t for you?

Same rule applies to financial success. How much work did they go through to reach the financial freedom they’re at today? Are they smart enough to have a Plan B if their finances fell through?

If someone is married and you’re not, or you’re married and someone else isn’t? Did you ask the right questions regarding happiness? Maybe the married couple has problems you don’t see because they do a good job hiding them? Maybe the single person hates the idea of not having a companion?

Example 4

Actual warfare. Outside Hollywood, how many times have one read stories regarding conflicts that ended in a short amount of time? While some of the strategies sound easy, they actually aren’t. If you want to win a conflict: know the enemy (and yourself); know the layout of the area; what weapons/armor you’re using; have more than one plan; know when to fight and when to retreat; reiterate the risk/reward values; and have a valid reason for conflict. Don’t fight just because, fight because it’s the absolute end all action next to just giving in.

I live by this quote daily because at the end of the day, it means “mind your business.” As long as you keep to yourself, and you don’t give someone a reason to target you, you will be fine. Despite my larger size, my voice, and my financial status, you know why strangers don’t target me? Because I don’t give them a reason to.

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