Recycled Motivation

Remember this quote when people doubt you, belittle you, are jealous, and/or refuse to help over stupid and silly excuses.

Try to be as clear as possible on whatever you’re trying to explain; this way words can’t be used against you when you least expected.

This step can be near impossible at the start, or when the road to victory is in a road block, however never give up.

Easiest (yet hardest to actually apply) form of accomplishing your goal(s).

Here’s a proven, working method to achieve what you’re working towards:

Ultimate goal

Break the goal down to smaller tasks (This way you’re not overwhelmed)

Break those goals down to even smaller goals (many as needed)

Over time your actual, real goal is achieved

Mission accomplished. I’ll provide an example:

Ultimate goal – Winning a video game tournament

Smaller goal – playing when you’re able to; knowing the times you can play

Even smaller goal – have the proper equipment and plan accordingly

Even Even smaller goal – practice certain/specific moves over time until you can’t get it wrong (repetition)

Even Even Even smaller goal – Have a reason why you want to win the tournament

Some extra words of encouragement?

Why is this today’s posting? Too many people post online anti/de-motivational postings when they hit a hard spot and don’t know how to continue on. Or they ran out of ideas/content and can’t continue on. Or feel they’re recycling the same thing(s) to where people know and can predict what’s going to happen next. Well, for every one person who quits, another person picks up where they left off and ends up successful. Also, the quitters are the same people who bend to the other part of society where the quitters and the “real people” are located. And real people as in real losers – quitters never win, and winners never quit no matter how much struggling there is. Find your niche, and work with it.

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