Silence as the best weapon

What does this mean? Let’s take a look:

Warfare –

Deception –

So in short, deceive the other person/group you’re in conflict with, right?

Would you consider silence as a form of deception in war?

Since no one has the ability to read minds, the more you keep silence on, the easier things get if something doesn’t go right, or knowing your plans to defeat you.

Think about this for a minute – how many times has someone “ran their mouth” on something they were the prime factor of a conflict, to only want attention and at times pity? How many times did someone run their mouth to only get caught in their own lies?

If you’re in a conflict with someone or something, stay silent. No one knows what you’re doing, what’s going on, and if you need assistance and/or advice, talk to someone you know won’t go and talk about the conflict in question. A second/third/fourth opinion is never a bad thing, however make sure to be careful of what kind of assistance you’re asking. Here’s how I would handle it:

I would make my conflict like a video game I’m currently playing (Fallout comes to mind); and I’d make up a semi realistic – fake situation (something believable but still made up), and try to make it seem like I tried looking online but no answers.

“Have you played X game before? I’m stuck on X faction and not sure how to handle this from here to get the Y gear that’s available.” Granted this doesn’t always work, it does in situations where something doesn’t need to be exposed 100%. It’s not a form of deception towards a friend, it’s asking for advice in a way where no leaked information can later be used against you. To make this even more realistic, ask about a game so obscure (like I can) where after a while no one would think twice about it. Extra credit to say you’re playing on a platform.

Second idea: “In X game, here’s a story idea” and discuss the ideas of the outcomes. This also asks for advice indirectly. Again, with my gaming knowledge I’m able to pull this off 100% and no one would question this because of how realistic it sounds.

Real friends would know for sure something’s up, however will respect your idea of keeping things as-is to prevent leaked information. It’s not so much as “my BS meter is going off” but more of knowing there’s certain info that’s kept silent for personal reasons.

In short – If you’re in a conflict with someone/thing, stay silent as much as possible to not leak any info towards the enemy. If you need advice, ask someone who you know A) won’t leak information and B) who will help you any way they can.

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