The secret power of ignoring

Why do the Kardashian’s keep getting air time?

Why is PewDiePie (famous Youtuber) gets brought up all the time?

Why Trump is mentioned daily regarding something he said/did?

R Kelly interview being “the thing” on tv?

Because they all mastered the ability of gathering a crowd and to keep people’s attention long enough for that few seconds of fame. Think about it for a minute – how often does a person say something like:

“What’s this idiot doing now?”

“Why do we care what s/he is doing?”

“And this has what to do with me?”

Followed by changing the channel or viewing another clip. Either way, these people (as well as many others) thrive on the idea of knowing people have to know what they’re doing. They found some way of grabbing attention, and even if someone changes to another viewing, that’s still a few seconds of you, the viewer, acknowledging their antics for the time. These people also change what they do on camera each time; so it’s rarely a dull moment with them. This is why families like the Kardashians are always hyped about “something new” because each time there’s something new going on, and again people have to be in the know.

Sometimes people tend to take the need of fame too far, however. The problem is they still get paid for the few seconds of air time/views, so unless no one watches their content, they will still get paid. There’s far more people who need the views for money; yet they aren’t getting the viewership. Why? Let’s take a look:

Ninja (Fortnite Battle Royale player) dyes his hair multiple times for views

PewDiePie says some controversial material to later apologize to do it again

Kardashians always have something new going on to talk about to seem like they’re normal like everyone else

R Kelly is currently going through legal matters involving underage females

The media always find ways to twist what Trump says to favor and go against him

Democrat and Republican topics are always brought up as a way to divide the country based off hearsay instead of actual facts

What’s the best way to demote these people down to everyday folk? Ignore them. That’s all someone has to do – ignore them entirely. So what if X and Y have something going on for the week? Even if it’s one person per minute who stops, over time they will lose the viewership, money, and sponsors. What sounds so easy to do is one of the hardest things to do.

What to learn from all this? If someone is acting a fool, an idiot, and you don’t care about what’s going on? Ignore them. When you ignore someone, they lose the ability to control you for those few seconds they need.

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