Welcome to the no kids zone

Parent – “Why don’t you have kids?”

Me – “Gives logical reasons.”

Parent – “But, but, but you need…and your parents…and society…and religion…are you gay? Is that it?”

Me – “No. Just don’t want kids. I already explained why.”


Me – You can’t be serious

I’m sure this conversation came up somewhere whether you’re the Me part of it, or heard someone getting targeted as not wanting to have kids.

I, personally don’t care if someone has kids or not, because it’s up to the parent(s) if they want the kids or not. My personal choice of not wanting kids (or getting married) shouldn’t provide ammo to someone who made the decision to start a family. I don’t get people who swear not having kids is a “bad thing.”

I’m already dealing with someone who swears there’s a problem because I don’t talk to the first woman I see, and I don’t talk in favor of having kids, but instead I talk of life goals and gaming. But according to the parent in question, I’m gay, can’t get a woman (which if I’m apparently gay that means I’m not attracted to women, gotta like logic), coming up “short,” and a few other negative areas I forgot because I lost interest of listening. This person has unplanned children, follows what religion says regarding having children, and believes the stereotypes of how I should already have more kids than PlayStation games.

If you’re a woman, and you don’t want kids, here’s a good line to use:

“I don’t need kids – I married one!”

What bothers me, it’s always the parents who give grief to those who vote against having kids. Why’s that? Let’s dive in:

No personal time

Wrong reasons of having children

Unplanned moments leading to having kids


“Everyone else my/our age is having them”

“You owe your parents grandchildren”

“Cheaper taxes”

Financial struggles

Granted not everyone has the negative vibes of having kids, but one thing I will say is whatever a person/couple decides on, that’s their business. But why talk trash to the “no kid(s)” group? We respect their way of life, why not respect ours? There are those of us who absolutely refuses to have children, so why’s that a bad thing? Why risk everything I’ve worked towards because someone else said so? Doesn’t make sense.

If you’re a parent, and you’re happy with your choice of having kids, great! It means you wanted to have kids for the right reasons, and you planed accordingly. If you don’t want kids, you’re not alone, because I don’t want them either. I have other goals in life, and having kids is not one of them.

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