Hard work vs Talent

Hard work or Talent? What’s the difference?

Hard work has progress

Talent goes off what the person is “born with” with no progress

Hard work provides a sense of accomplishment

Talent has spurts of what can be accomplished, however no actual accomplishment

Hard work requires sacrifice

Talent is the sacrifice

Hard work carries the rest of your life

Talent is temporary (although some would debate this)

Today I bring this up because there’s too many times I’ve witnessed those with talent tend to slack off; only work when they “feel like it, barely make it, and if there is that once in a life break, there’s still limited to no room for wanting to advance. These are the same people who always go on about how the world is against them because someone else “got the position that didn’t deserve it.”

Granted in all fairness, there’s also moments where the hard worker gets little to no advancement either due to unfair modifiers; however the biggest, all time difference between the two:

Hard work never quits. Talent does. Agree or disagree?

4 thoughts on “Hard work vs Talent

      1. Awhhh !! ❤️ thank you! Keep writing, inspiring and networking! The following will gradually build and so will the interactions! I look forward to reading more of your posts!


  1. This is good reading material that’s well thought out and makes sense. Being able to write and actually spell a word in its entity is becoming extinct. You are well rounded and intuitive and possess a natural writing ability that covers all angles direct and to the point. Keep up the good work. I am a frequent reader and loyal fan.


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