Valis Review Blog

For those who are unfamiliar with this product, I’ll provide an English, easy to understand, non-biased, short, honest opinion.

What is it?

It’s a pill designed to help with video game performance during game play.

What do they look like?

The pills are half blue and half white; and of an oval shape. Their size is of a larger aspirin pill of around 1000 mg to 1500 mg. Actual size may vary.

What does it do exactly?

It’s a pill used to help keep calm during competitive game play whether online, and/or in person.

What makes this different than other “so called” enhancers?

This is 100% legal for tournament play, and it’s not something that can be classified as cheating like Adderall. Also this isn’t something you have to use every day; only as needed. Think of this like drinking Redbull or another type of energy drink.

Why did you try this?

I wanted to see if this is one of those typical enhancers that is basically nothing more than just caffeine pills. This is actually the real thing; I’m speaking from experience.

Are you getting paid for promoting their product?

I do have a promo code to help with purchase through their site directly. I’m an affiliate who gets a percentage per sale only through code usage; so if someone went through amazon, then no. Through their site, and you use the code? I get tagged, and a percentage, but that’s about it. If you want a direct yes/no answer, only if you use the promo code, otherwise no I don’t. I don’t work for them, under them, or through them; just someone who was offered an opportunity because I’m a gamer like other gamers, and they like how I play differently than other gamers.

Why are you promoting this?

Rarely have I ran across something that: 1. Works as advertised and 2. Is tournament legal. Also I like how you don’t have to use this daily to get better; just only when you need to.

Here’s some other, additional information to help people out with this product:

I had a diabetic test this, and their blood sugar stayed the same (granted not everyone will be the same, but it’s a thought just in case).

A middle-aged male tested this, and his only issue involved dehydration.

There was no jittery feelings at all.

Taking 4 pills (as described) works for a few hours at a time. The bottle says 8 max however so far 4 seems to be sufficient.

Multiple people of various heights and weights tried this, and so far everyone is on the same page with the same results.

Final thoughts – It’s an overall good product I’d recommend. Reason being is because I’ve tried a couple of other video game enhancers, and one of them even failed to work during an Evo (Evolution) tournament back in 2015/16; which upset me because off the other brand I did much better on the side tournament than the main tournament.

My first experience was before a Twitch stream (, and after trying this I was calm, felt good, and I was able to perform the entire stream without feeling nervous.

If I have to rate this so far, I’d say on a 0-10 scale (10 being best), 8/10.

Pros – No jitters. Anyone 18+ can use this depending on health (check with a Dr. if you have questions/concerns). Lasts for an extended time frame (2-8 hours per 4 pills). Legal for tournaments. Helps with “brain fog” and keeping calm.

Cons – Can be expensive depending on budget. Limited reviews currently available at time of posting due to being a new product. Can be a challenge to try with other “video game enhancers” out there that have false claims.

Here’s the website –

And here’s the coupon code to use to save 20% on cost. OVERCHARGE20

Using the coupon actually cost less than ordering off

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