The Art of Seduction Part 1

This is post is dedicated to my mother, who suggested today’s posting

*Various media outlets*

“Kardashians today go to the park. More at 11!”

“X Kardashian tweeted their breakfast. See what their followers are saying”

“X and Y Kardashian went clothes shopping. See what they suggest when you go shopping”

“A new spinoff TV series to follow Keeping up with the Kardashians will premier this fall”

“X Kardashian has a baby bump. Watch as the fans debate what the gender is!”

If you’re the type who watches/reads the media online, seems like every day there’s something involving the Kardashian family. Why do people care of what they do? Why do the public have to follow their lives every minute? First, we have to know who they are, and where they originated their fame.

For those who don’t remember/know, their fame started as their father, Robert being one of the lawyers for OJ Simpson back during the mid 90’s.

11:57Barbara Walters 1996 interview with Robert Kardashian (Click here to learn more regarding the trial)

Kristen Mary Kardashian (now Jenner), was the first wife of the late Robert (He died in 2003 due to cancer). They married in 1978, and had four children (the original four you hear about in the media: Kourtney, Khloe, Kim and Robert). Her other two children, Kendall and Kylie, are from her second marriage to Bruce/Caitlyn Jenner.

She’s currently running her own company, Jenner Communications. As far as the specifics, what they do, and how the business works, here’s the link:

Why is this relevant? The whole reason the Kardashians are famous, and you hear about their lives, because the mother knows exactly what/how/when/who/what/where to say for the public to get hooked on their lives. Think for a minute – your ex husband, helps a high profile sports figure become innocent in a double murder; on top of the fact of you owning your own company, right there that’s rapport for the public. The OJ Simpson trial alone took up a big portion of the media coverage, and after the verdict your ex husband is involved with multiple interviews post case to boost his career until a cancerous end in 2003.

Some would debate the reason of the Kardashian popularity is due to their appearance to the masses – so many want to be like them; but how? How to get all this fame, money, and press? How can one actually live like them and be popular? How can one get paid to post on Instagram? Was it luck? Their father being a lawyer to prove someone innocent? Your mother owning her own company? The answer is simple – it’s all based on delivery, your appearance, and how to promote your product/services to where people want to get involved.

Think for a minute – if you want someone hooked on you, how would you go about it? You exploit their weakness, and maximize their fear(s) until they cave in and follow you around. The Kardashians know exactly how to exploit those who will follow them, and will keep using their name until they’re no longer relevant. Why? Because they know people will follow just based off their name alone.

Image result for aint nobody got time for that gif

At the same time, people like me don’t have time for their personal lives? Why? Because at the end of the day they’re human just like the rest of us; they put their pants on one leg at a time, they have family squabbles, and their relationships go through the same issues as everyone else. Some would debate because they’re famous and people like me aren’t – not true. Why would I want the camera in my face 24/7 so the fans know what I’m doing every minute of the day? Where’s the privacy when I want to go to the bathroom? Is there even a day off from the public eye? What if I want to meet up with a friend of the opposite gender without some sort of tabloid intervention, which leads to rumors? Those are questions people need to ask themselves before actually wanting to live like them. Just because their lives are perfect on camera; what matters is what their lives are like off camera.

Today, think about the famous person you idolize; what makes them different from the other people within the same circle? What did/do they have different that charms them more than those who do the same thing(s) as their peers? Did they live in the public eye or keep to themselves? Were they quiet, or did they want to make as much noise as possible? Were they drug users, alcohol abusers, and/or been married more times than days a week?

Remember: Life on camera is far different than life off camera. Just because on the camera the lives are peaches and cream, doesn’t mean it actually is. The Kardashians mastered the art of seduction by using their fame as way to pull in the masses – don’t fall into this trap unless you’re an actual fan of their work.

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