Part 2 to “Sorry, you are my type”

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Female – “Why can’t I find a decent man? Maybe I’m destined to be alone.”

*Media brings up celebrity relationship scandal*

Female – “OMG I’m so glad that’s not me right now! HA HA sucks to be you!”

Male – “I’m having a hard time picking up women.”

*Media brings up celebrity relationship scandal*

Male – “And this has WHAT to do with me?”

If you’re the female – This symbol may seem somewhat similar to what you’re used to hearing. Too many times on various media channels, social media, and even in entertainment the woman seems to care for the man, to only be with someone who thinks of themselves first. You read profiles on various dating sites, to skip over the legit men because they’re into certain areas you’re not into to, or you don’t care for. So you go for the ones who look nice, talk a good game, and later your heart is broken because you dated someone who fooled you.

Then comes the all time favorite quote:

To the woman – Why follow what society tells you? Why complain about your past relationships to only fall into the exact same pitfalls again? If you’re attracted to a specific type of person, at least make some effort(s) to date someone slightly different in that category so you can at least understand yourself, as well as the genre of the person you’re interested in.

Too many times women skip over the right wo/man only because of something they’re into, that the looker isn’t into. As I said in a previous posting, does it make that big of a difference to skip over a potential right person because of that one/two things they like that you absolutely refuse? Think about it for a minute. Would you rather allow for X and Y in return for a lifelong partner, lover, and someone who accepts all of you, or skip over the person entirely to find someone who agrees the same X and Y aren’t right to only get heart broken again. Let it sink in for a minute before answering.

To the men – As a male myself, I get so sick of hearing stories of “trophy wives” marrying someone, to only divorce later; and taking a big cut of their former partner’s fortune. Just because someone is highly attractive, doesn’t mean they’re the right one for you. Also keep in mind; if you find someone who’s “too perfect for you,” there’s a catch you will have to think about.

While this is a joke and satire, there is some truth behind this. I’ve watched the YouTube video regarding this (which is funny), and the guy does bring up some valid points to each zone. What eats at me, a lot of men follow the exact same pitfalls as women do; “all women are the same; why can’t I find a decent woman; why are the women I like aren’t interested in me.” I’ll easily explain why – you’re chasing the wrong ones!

Does this sound familiar in your current situation, or maybe when you were younger? A real woman, who loves you, won’t cheat on you! Ever!

This one is more of a metaphoric stance, but still something to keep in mind. One rule to remember – never EVER talk about your ex’s what so ever. Any time you bring up a past relationship, it’s an automatic flag that you’re comparing, and at times still have feelings towards said person. If you read between the lines; you’re giving your current relationship a reason to never forget them once things go south.

To the men – Explain why again you’re single? Before answering, ask yourself this important question – what are you really looking for in a woman? Name something that girl you have a current interest in the previous woman doesn’t? Come up with a creative, different, interesting answer. Because I’m not the one you have to answer to; s/he will.

To both

Is far better than –

Remember: A relationship shouldn’t be a testing zone for the right person, or something you avoid because of a few bad seeds in the past. A relationship is where people connect, to create a non breaking bond. It takes less effort to compromise than to say no and later regret your decision.

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