Another quote by Sun Tzu


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What does this quote actually mean? Does it mean not to fight at all? How about using your environment to it’s fullest advantage? Spying? Only endure when absolute necessary? Use tactical advances so the enemy is unaware of your location? Talk your way out of conflict? A combination of the few above?

I use this quote today because of a recent situation I was a witness of. The short version is someone “heard” rumors and confronted the other person, and both ended up arguing (not debating, but arguing) over the situation. The result ended up being a broken relationship between the two people over something that was heard – basically unconfirmed rumors. Why would this quote fit? If you’re the one hearing the rumors, it’s better to get all the facts first before confrontation. The root problem comes from misinformation, and/or jealousy which can lead to broken friend/relationships over nothing important. If there’s lack of to 0 evidence, treat the rumors as such, and instead don’t waste your time. This is one moment where the quote would actually come into play because you’re going off potential false information, not confirmed information.

You’re playing a video game online, and you’re playing a medic-type of class. Why add to the fight? Someone said so? That extra damage to end the fight a few seconds earlier? Because someone on the internet said you’re not X player unless you do? I come from an MMO (Massive Multiplayer Online) background, and I can’t name how many times the healer added to the fight because someone said so. Then complained because they couldn’t perform their healing duties which caused the team to lose. A healer/medical type of player is considered a warrior, and yes you can avoid battle by playing your part and not following what someone else says.

You have a silver tongue? Talk your way out of conflict. This way you don’t alarm other people around with unnecessary noise, and it proves intelligence won the fight and not brute force.

Someone bugging you to the point of harassment? Provide evidence/proof, and tell the higher authority. They’re job is to prevent such behavior, and let them do their job. If they won’t fix the situation, tell their higher ups.

If you have to fight, use tactics instead of just forward brute force. Name a battle where the enemy used direct combat and won? I’m not talking something Hollywood pulled, or some fiction story; but an actual, real life conflict where the enemy was in plain site, and won. Know the surroundings, the area, and use those to your advantage. If there’s cameras (or some type of recording device), let them be your witness by not starting the conflict first. If there’s witnesses around, let them say the other person/group started the conflict first; this way they get in trouble and not you.

Remember: Intelligence, tactics, and strategy win all wars. There’s a reason why all books on war always state to hide somewhere, and/or lure enemies, and/or only attack when absolute necessary. If your traps do all the work, and you didn’t have to throw one punch, or fire one bullet, or even have to say too much, and you won the war/conflict, you’re the wise warrior.

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