Mother Nature


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Living here in Las Vegas, I learned Mother Nature apparently hates the idea of me living in an area where snow shouldn’t exist much. To those who haven’t heard the news:

Why is this brought up today? There’s a big debate between Global Warming, and the natural occurrence of weather shifting through science.

This is Global Warming in a nutshell:

This is the Natural science occurrence (also called climate change):

What’s the difference?

Why is this important? Too many people throw the debate of one or the other being a big factor in why there’s strange weather patterns, and the specifics throw people off which then those affected lose interest and goes for what the media (Fox News) says. How am I affected? I moved here to escape winter, to only have it pay a surprise visit.

Some would say this is a sign of some sort that someone/something misses me and wants me back; some would debate divine intervention and I should move back to where I grew up; some would say ignore because there’s no meaning; and some would say it’s a lesson that no matter where you go, there’s strange weather everywhere. Who’s right? I’ll never know because there’s not enough evidence for any side of the debate to really fall towards.

Remember: Mother Nature is for and against all of us at the same time. If you don’t believe me, ask a woman who has that “monthly visit” from her.

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