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*checks email*

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If you’re among the billions of email accounts, this list would look somewhat familiar regardless of settings. I question the marketers who try to sell services to people who don’t qualify to “reach out” to the masses. Why exactly?

Regardless of what email settings you have, something will slip through which sounds enticing; and sometimes with false testimonies (or just display only the good ratings) towards the uneducated, the unlucky, or those who are on hard times. What I really don’t understand, is the why reach out? Selling your responses to marketers? Hackers stealing who you are to sell to the highest bidder? To see how far one will go down the rabbit hole until they reach a dead end?

To the SPAM (Simple/Stupid Pointless Annoying Messages) senders, what’s your actual goal? Why waste people’s time to get nowhere? Are you really trying to have laws created to curb your content? Have you took the time to really gauge the demographic you’re targeting? Can you fluently speak the language of those you’re asking? Are your methods actually working?

To those who answer the messages, what’s the actual reason? Bored? Too good to be true offers? Are your filters updated and the offers are still slipping through? Accidental click on a message for more to appear out of nowhere? You’re on hard times and hoping that once in a life moment appears?

Over time some of the offers do seem legit, however there’s still some sort of malicious intent at the end of the day. If you’re finances are limited (like mine), these offers aren’t going to do anything but make your situation worse because they aren’t going to come through on their end. Most of the time the messages are sent though a massive email generator which hopefully someone bites, and the company in question now has that unlucky person. No amount of blocking, curbing, ignoring, and/or reporting will completely stop the SPAM; but it will help reduce what comes through.

Why am I talking about this? I’ve done some research, and thinking outside the box, and realized there’s no benefit to answering to an email that claims you are a winner by filling out questions irrelevant to the sweepstakes. While this may seem like common sense, the sad reality is a lot of it isn’t.

Best advice I can provide is to ignore what you don’t recognize; block from the sender(s) if needed; and only answer from something you’re expecting.

My advice also carries to the survey sites that require points to redeem for prizes; those aren’t worth the time either. From experience, survey sites aren’t intended to actually pay you for your time, they need their quota(s) filled first and will do whatever it takes to get the information needed. I’ve tried the “top 5 sites of 2019” and so far can confirm they’re nothing but a big joke at the end of the day. One survey site denied my payout (of $3), and I had to call in some number to verify my information – after requiring you to accept their updated ToS saying they can deny for any reason. Is it worth pursuing a site for a $3 payout? No. Why? Legal fees would cost far more at the end of the day.

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