Over halfway


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I’m deep into the 30 day blog challenge, and here’s what I’ve learned so far:

Content makes a difference

Too many companies pull the “join here to get recognized, and rich!” yet want you to pay more money with false testimonies

Networking is a big part of the challenge

Being self-taught is a double edged sword. You learn to be self-sufficient at the sacrifice of limited “what to do next”

Assistance is always welcomed

My postings are actually legit, different perspectives of everyday topics

Writing is actually a lot harder than most would believe

Coming up with different content is both refreshing, and a curse. Refreshing because you’re able to prove there’s topics others don’t cover. A curse because there’s only your perspective at time of posting which means limited views.

At time of posting, I have roughly 12-13 days remaining to see how far I can go. Even if nothing comes out of this, I learned some valuable tactics, and I also learned I can at least come up with content daily. Some of the blog challenges I’ve noticed post content when they want (not daily), or they post multiple times a day with various results. If I do get picked up within the 30 days, perfect! If I don’t, I can at least say I tried, and I have content I can use if a company needs examples of my work. Either way it’s a big learning experience for me, for the internet, and for those who follow me and read my postings.

What to take away from all this? I’m still chugging along even though I have little to show outside different postings. While not everyone can have the drive to at least try, I’m living proof of someone who’s putting in effort with 0 return at time of posting. I have low food, no money, and living under someone else’s roof; yet I’m still putting out quality work daily. Those who made it big; now I know a lot of what sacrifices they had to go through, and what hard work really is.

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