Multiple roads to the same destination


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This is another quote I live by due to the fact of those who act like some areas of success is only one way.

If you’re like me, you get sick and tired of hearing:

“You can’t do X like this! You’re doing it wrong”

“Why are you doing X and Y that way? That doesn’t work.”

“That is NOT how you do X!”

“X ways to make Y work”

“Why you’re failing at X”

“How to make your X better with Y method”

“Why X doesn’t work”

Let’s dive into the only one way methods. I’ve seen countless articles, blogs, and other forms of self help writings where people claim to know this end all way of positive gain. It’s one thing to have multiple methods, acknowledging their way(s) may not work for everyone, and/or to know not everyone is the same; however it’s irritating to be told “this way or your idea(s) won’t work at all.”

And for those who try to downplay “work smarter, not harder,” aren’t ones to take seriously. Name a time where someone who took the hard way, came out ahead of the person who was smarter and used tactics? Mind you there’s a difference between hard work and laziness; I’m referring to the ones who think before acting, not acting then think.

Example 1 – Blog writing. Everyone has a different approach on what topic(s) will bring in readers, and what does/n’t work. Where one person excel in self help, another will excel in jokes, and another in satire. Instead of telling new writers what they need to do, instead help them understand the how and why certain areas need improvement. Bad punchlines? Help them write better joke stories. If they’re still not understanding, maybe their humor is different? Have you tried sending the person/people to a reliable source?

Example 2 – Drawing/Art. Watching multiple videos on how to draw certain areas, aspects, poses, etc., I’ve learned there are those who know what they’re doing, and then there’s what the f-? The methods are all different, however the outcomes are always the same. Practice is the take a way word from getting the right angles, poses, and content. Currently, only one artist made some debatable comments regarding drawing styles, and why certain types do not work. Yet this person failed to realize there’s always a reason behind certain methods, and his reasoning only fell to deaf ears.

Example 3 – Relationships. This is one topic that seems to be semi one sided all the time. If someone accepts you as-is after proving themselves, take the advantage of being with that person. Stop trying for the higher quality, perfect one; because what is perfect to you, you’re someone else’s lowest variant. To not sound like the others, let me rephrase it – Go for what you feel comfortable with, and don’t always try to settle for the higher quality. If anything seems off, back up and learn the person first. It’s better to take your time, than to just jump at the first person who smiles and shakes your hand.

Example 4 – Video game bosses. “Ok for today I’m going to show you how to beat X boss. This is the only way to beat X boss.” Not “I found an easy, less headache way to beat X boss. Mind you there’s more than one working way…” or “Here’s how and why this method is the best way to beat X boss.” I know from experience, there’s more than one way to fight certain bosses that people cheese (beat very easily with/out glitches, bugs, exploits). A particular boss is the final Shao Khan fight in Mortal Kombat 9 as Rayden. The easiest way is to warp at a specific moment, and uppercut until he’s defeated. However, there are other working methods to take him out. Notice I didn’t say “The only way to win?”

Example 5 – Making money. There’s so many different ways to be financially stable, the topic alone could take up days, if not months to completely go through this area. The best advice I can provide is do what you like until something sticks, then run with it. Notice I didn’t say “go with what everyone else is doing” or “get a real job” (I have another blog regarding this topic in more detail). When you find that one (or many) area(s) where you’re trying to be financially stable, you’re going to put in 100%.

Example 6 – Weight loss/gain. Too many people want to gain/lose weight. Why is that? Why spend the time for that body you want? What advantage do you have for the dream body? The ones encouraging you, do they already accept you as-is? Ask yourself these questions first; not to follow the “only one way” crowd, because these are self help questions you have to answer outside “I don’t know. I just do.”

Are there moments where you feel insecure with yourself because the person you like don’t like you back due to your appearance? If this is a yes, find someone else. Real people accept you for who you are, not what you are.

Example 7 – Math. I touch this subject because every teacher teaches differently, yet the answers are the same. In some cases, one can debate there’s only one way to solve a problem; however that’s not always true. The method is what you were taught, grew up on, and repeated later; but no it’s not the only, end all method.

These are the top examples I’ve ran across during researching this topic; and the results borderline made me sick to my stomach. There’s so many “I’s” and “This is the only method,” yet so few actually acknowledge there’s more than one way to accomplish something. Granted some methods are the only way, however the how and why are the two biggest areas to cover so everyone’s on the same page. Don’t just say “This is the only way” because it worked for you, because it may not work for someone else.

Remember: There’s always one way to solve a problem/situation/issue. View all options first, think, then act. Those who claim “There’s only one way” didn’t utilize all their options first, and unless they explain why said method works, they aren’t ones to listen to. The phrase, “There’s more than one way to skin a cat” is not to be taken lightly.

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