SJW – over-glorified internet trolls


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For those who don’t know, I participate in a gaming tournament called Evolution, or Evo for short. The fighting game tournament takes place yearly in Las Vegas (my current place of residence), and is normally a summer weekend long event. Recently Evo expanded to Japan, where during the winter players can participate; and the version of the tournament I’m not able to afford at the moment.

There’s a recent fighting game soon to release, called Dead or Alive 6 (DoA or doa), where the previous games were overly sexualized, and brought in female breast physics to the gaming community. There’s a move in the game where the characters look as in an “intimate moment,” and to prevent potential breach of Terms of Service (ToS) through Twitch, the stream was temp taken down. However, due to certain customs in Japan, two women mimic some of the “jiggle physics” from the game which also resulted in the stream being brought down because, according to Twitch, it’s sexual content. (1)

I bring this point up today because there’s a group of people who lately are highly toxic to the gaming community, and to other forms of media. They are known as “Social Justice Warriors” (or SJW for short). What started as a group of people who fought for what’s right (in their eyes), are now considered a joke, and even at times causing more harm than good when certain situations are called into question. (2)

If you want a shorter, easier definition of what the SJW are, they’re basically people who believe in all forms of censorship, anything that can be considered racism/sexism/ and or degrading to anyone in general, is considered bad. Here’s some examples of their work:

A medievil game, Kingdom Come Deliverance, is set in Bohemia (European country) where there’s a highly limited number of non-whites. To the SJW crowd, this is unacceptable. (3)

Far Cry 5, which also has lack of non-whites due to the location, was also a heated topic because of the political and religious satire. The game does an excellent job exposing the horrors how religion can brainwash people to the point of no return. (3)

According to the SJW crowd, being obese is something that causes health issues. Yet making fun of someone overweight is perfectly acceptable because you’re helping them. (4)

On the front page, a teen is considered “cultural appropriation” by wearing a Chinese prom dress because she’s not Chinese nor has a Chinese background, and it’s considered offensive to the SJW. (5)

This article,, does a good job explaining what the SJW used to be like as opposed to now.

I bring this up today because I, myself get sick of people who aren’t of a specific nationality, race, background, etc. try and talk for me (or others) without actually knowing what it’s like to live as that person (or group of people). In Japan, no one cares about sexualized content as long as it’s within reason, because it’s a part of human nature. Here in the US, anything sexual is considered taboo and needs to be shut down. Also if religion gets involved, the religious will preach and condemn until either the people and/or the Government steps in and does something. Behavior like this is a big reason why religion is a joke; because those who “follow the word” aren’t doing anything but judging others.

“Protecting the children” is another argument that needs to be in check. Let’s start by educating right from wrong, how to protect yourself, and what a lot of the themes actually mean in certain media. How come other countries can have low crime rates, not as many “unplanned children,” and achieve high intelligence with the masses, but when it comes to the US we are one of the (if not the) lowest? Because we as people focus too much on censorship and not enough on educating. Why not teach the younger crowd what X and Y are, how certain areas fit together, and why it’s acceptable to accept certain criteria? Why can’t the US actually worry more about what’s important instead of what’s not important? Because of the SJW crowd and how vocal they are with nonsense.

If these SJW want to do some positive in the world, use your brains and think for once. Ask the right questions, and use logic in your debates/arguments. Stop thinking what doesn’t applies to you, what you think is right/wrong, and instead apply this energy to actual issues where the human race as a whole is in trouble.

So what if a video game has an oversexual theme? What’s it to you? Did someone force you to watch/play said game? Why do you have to be vocal about it? Does the themes poke at you and your current status? There’s this wonderful thing called “turning the game off” which is within your power.

If violence in media is an issue to you, why is that? What bothers you about the amount of violence portrayed? Is it upbringing PTSD? Religious views? Again, there’s this wonderful move called turning the channel, or putting the medium down.

If there’s comedy that you find offensive, what makes it offensive to you? Are the jokes/themes directed to you and your nationality? You can turn it off?

If you’re playing a video game, and there’s a symbol in the game that doesn’t involve you in any form, why bring it up? Why waste someone elses’ time because you found something offensive that the others actually praise who understand the symbol in question? Turn it off. Seeing a pattern here?

Today, spend the time actually worrying about you, not someone else. Unless someone specifically asked for assistance with being vocal about something they feel is wrong, stay out of it. You’re doing nothing to help the situation but making it worse. If all you want is 15~ minutes of internet/TV fame, find other avenues where looking like a fool isn’t part of the criteria.

Remember: Keeping out of what doesn’t pertain to you saves your energy for what’s really important. Also, if you feel the need to do something or help someone, use strategy and intelligence. Those two factors will win every battle over being vocal and using brute force.






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