My best friend is a pet

Dogs have masters; cat’s have staff” – Unknown

I was asked to find a picture of my older Terrier Sandy, that I had growing up. Upon finding a pic that almost looked exactly like her, my eyes started to water. I miss her jumping in my lap, licking my face countless times, and laying next to me every time I either went to sleep or turned on a video game. As far as what happened with Sandy, to this day I’m not sure exactly; I let her outside one morning, and she never came back home. To this day I still miss her, and it’s been years since she disappeared.

Why am I bringing this up? Today, use the day to reminisce who you consider your best friend pet. What makes this pet different than the ones in the past? Sandy was quiet, friendly, and knew exactly when to come to me. Every time I’d go to sleep, she’d always be right there to sleep near me. She’s also the only pet I owned where she didn’t chew on anything she shouldn’t. The biggest thing with Sandy is she was already house trained, and outside health issues there were never any accidents. Someday I’d like to have another dog, maybe not another Sandy, but something close.

Remember: Today, think about the positive moments of a furry friend you had, or currently have. Whether it’s a dog, cat, or another pet, remember there’s certain lessons we can learn from them: love without material possession; loyalty without asking for much in return, and obedience as long as you’re respectable.

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