A special thank you

I’d like to dedicate today to thank everyone who read my blogs up to this point, and beyond. Without readers, I would have either changed paces, or stopped entirely. I’d like to thank the followers because we all need to network off each other to help the writing field grow into something people who are passionate in the writing field prosper.

I’d like to thank the creators of pencil and paper because I’m able to display my artistic abilities to show one of the many talents I’m capable of. I can make worlds I want to live in, and want to experience.

I’d like to thank the gaming industry to help me read, write, value of a dollar, help combat depression, and even display my talents at various tournaments. Without gaming, I wouldn’t even be here today writing, or bringing people together for a graphic novel turning game. I also learned certain life lessons even education couldn’t teach me.

I’d like to thank the pets I had growing up because I learned what love really is about; showing rather than telling. Without them, I wouldn’t know what real friendship is like. Pets taught me how to love, and how to show you care for someone without words, or presents, or even music, but through emotion and movement.

I’d like to thank the friends I had growing up and beyond; because I’m able to continue with human interaction by being myself and not sacrificing who I am just to “fit in.” Also, being accepted as I am, and I taught people how to accept themselves. I learned human interaction means being yourself around comfort of others, not changing who you are because someone else said to.

I’d like to thank religion because there’s moments when something does occur, it’s someone/thing watching over me. There’s moments when coincidence, science, or “right place and right time” aren’t the answer.

I’d like to thank education because failing classes meant I had to discover myself to do better; not to pass a class. Discovering myself meaning either choose a different teacher, class, or time frame all together.

I’d like to thank books because they teach what you want to learn to better yourself. Without books, thinking logically in today’s world would be non-existent. You’re learning off the mistakes of others so your discoveries and talents take half of the time and sacrifice.

I’d like to thank the media because without them, I would believe everything I hear. Instead, I draw conclusions on my own, which are accurate and truthful instead of what I want to hear. I learned what I need to hear, not what I want to hear.

I’d like to thank music because it’s an escape in moments I find myself lost. It’s the light at the end of the tunnel when gaming can’t even guide me at times. Music also brought me to believe in times changing, and to learn to adapt when needed.

I’d like to thank peer pressure because I learned how to say no in situations where saying yes was against my morals and ethics. I learned if you try to fit in the crowd, you disappear like everyone else. I learned no one can make me do something I don’t want to.

I’d like to thank my overweight because it means I have food I like to eat, and I’m not one to be picky. My clothes fit, I’m alive, and the right people accept my appearance.

I’d like to thank all the women who find me unattractive because it means they’re the ones not right for me. If they judge me based on my appearance, there’s no telling what other factors they would judge me on. Also, with certain interests I’m into, them reacting negative also means they’re the ones I’d rather not get involved with.

I’d like to thank all the stupid people out there because without them, I wouldn’t feel good about myself as a whole. While they’re out having unplanned families, in multiple financial situations, and in legal trouble, I learn off their mistakes so mine are minimal to non existent. Keep in mind I’m not saying I thrive off misfortune, but I learn off their lack of intelligence.

Today, use the time to think what you’re grateful for, not what you hate and/or dislike. Even if you hit a rough patch in the past or currently, use the time to actually think the situation through; because without bad there can be no good. So many people talk about what they don’t like, or what they hate, or how something can be better; yet rarely (if ever) take the time to be thankful and see things in a different perspective.

Remember: the phrase “everything happens for a reason” is a realistic, actual representation of the balance of good and bad.

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