Can we bring the PC to bed honey?


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Person 1 – “My boyfriend is cheating on me! I caught him in the act!”

Person 2 – “OMG I’m so sorry! Here, sit down and talk about it. What happened?”

Person 1 – “I caught him watching adult content. I don’t understand.”

Person 2 – “You consider watching adult content cheating?!”

Person 1 – “Yes. I grew up as adult content being wrong, so it’s cheating.”

Person 2 *mind goes blank*

If you consider adult content cheating, why is that? The fantasy of watching their favorite actor/actress in act you refuse and/or won’t take part in? Concerned your partner will think of their favorite person in place of you? Were you raised to believe adult content is wrong, and therefore any form, regardless of reason, is wrong? Are you insecure/jealous because the person/people on the screen have certain body features you want but can never achieve? Between you and your partner, has the discussion of adult content ever came up in a conversation, and there was an understanding between you two?

If you’re the one watching the content, were you clear at the beginning why you own said content? Were you open in owning certain types of content that seemed questionable? Are the adult content you own within legal means? If you’re a male with a female, are there certain health situations where you need your temporary fix? Are there certain content you wish you can take part of, but your partner just flat out refuses and won’t compromise at all?

Today I bring this up because I’m a firm believer of adult content being more of an escape over believing it’s for the wrong reasons. If you’re the one believing adult content is wrong, please elaborate on the why you feel its wrong, and also try to have more of an open mind when it comes to your partner watching content. If it’s a temp fix, or a “Plan B” to something you flat out refuse, wouldn’t it be better for your partner to watch someone on screen as opposed to going out finding someone physically who will? I understand the debate of “well if they respect me, they won’t watch/read at all;” keep in mind they’re with you, not the actor/actress on screen. Also keep in mind they go to bed with you at night, not the people on screen, and as long as they’re not mentioning the people they’re watching, does it really make that big of a difference? Have you tried watching the content with your partner to understand the why they’re into what’s on screen?

If you’re one of the few who doesn’t mind adult content by your partner (like me), keep up the good work. You’re secure in yourself as well as being open minded to new things. Nothing wrong with understanding your partner more to strengthen the bond. Also this gives you the opportunity to verify you’re open minded to try new things, and/or even critique how fake some of the content are for a good laugh.

Remember; understanding, and compromise will help the situation more than just “it’s wrong, end of story.”

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