A balanced moderation

Can you name a time when someone asked a question, and you had to ask to clarify the question, only for the person asking gets frustrated?

The debates of moderation and balance comes to mind; yet define moderation and/or balance? What does moderation actually mean? How about balance? How can one measure when a break is needed? What exactly needs to be balanced? How can one know when it’s time to do something else? Ask yourselves to define what both words mean to you, then ask someone else. The ideas are the same, yet the definitions will be slightly different. I bring this point up because it’s difficult to use the words balance and moderation when everyone’s interpretation and definition are going to vary.

Since I was able to move to a newer location (across a few states), I’ve learned the terms balance, moderation, and technology are different between the locations. Where I lived previously, technology was an escape from the everyday cycle; balance meant managing time alone and with family/friends; and moderation meant to spend a set amount of time on something, then take a break every so often. Where I live now, the ideas match, yet the meanings are different. Tech is used as a form of communication, not an escape; balance means weighing the good and bad, not always human interaction; and moderation doesn’t always mean time limit, but rather every once in a while.

I bring up these points because there’s too many meaningless debates (and at times arguments) over interpretations due to different types of upbringing. What means something to one person, doesn’t always mean the other person will know exactly what you’re saying/asking. This is why people ask questions at times to understand the question(s) correctly; yet the other person will get frustrated because “you should know already what I mean.” And the bonus “English is your first language, right?” Extra credit is “You heard me.”

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