Insert coin for relationship

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Being an avid gamer, dating another gamer would actually create an infinite number of fun possibilities for down times (the nothing to do moments), or what other couples would consider “boring moments.”

A racing game to decide who does the dishes that night

Pizza (or other form of take-out), and a random, co op game as an alternative to dinner and a movie (which I would prefer movie then dinner so you two have something to talk about while eating)

A fighting game to help fix current debate (argument is who is right, debate is what is right)

Calling the head of the relationship Player 1 and the other Player 2 when in public

When proposing, both rings have game-related text

When announcing pregnancy, have a Player 3 Loading Soon space

For the mommy, have a shirt that shows the Now Loading bar where the bump is

On the newborn, have a shirt that says “The lag is horrible! It took me nine months to re spawn!”

Those are a few ideas between finding online, and thinking on my own to help those couples who could use some ideas to help spice things up. Of course being a couple also means what both agree on, so if one likes the idea(s) but the other isn’t sold just yet, make a legit offer they can’t refuse. These ideas aren’t just limited to gamers either; regardless of hobbies/interests the couple(s) can easily come up with ideas to help the relationship stay strong and fresh instead of going stale, and running out of something to do.

Artists can always work on art together to show how much they love each other

Drivers can always take day trips out to an unfamiliar location (that’s safe and not too far from home of course) and explore; or race using bikes and come up with a fun winner/loser scenario

Musicians can always write songs towards each other

Movie buffs can critique together

Book readers can use favorite quotes as creative pickup lines

Too many times I’ve read/heard “our relationship hit a brick wall” or “I can’t find someone who shares the same interests I do,” yet can’t successfully answer the two golden questions:

Where did you look for your partner? The club, or a friend/relative, or online/app are usually the biggest three. While they aren’t bad options, try to find someone located at the place(s) you like to hang out. This way, at least you share something in common, as well as knowing what you like/want from the relationship.

What interests do you two have in common? This is one of the biggest pitfalls due to the “Opposites attract” phrase a lot of people seem to live by. While there’s a lot of truth in the statement, you also have to keep in mind you need to at least share something(s) in common; otherwise the relationship will always have some form of conflict, which can lead to separate ways. Also, this is where the term, compromise,will be tested multiple times; sometimes more justifiable than other moments. Those moments where you have to question the relationship, remind yourself why you decided on this person instead of someone else.

Why am I writing this? From an outside perspective, being creative in both finding a partner, as well as activities during the relationship, will create a bond strong enough to where the only people who can cause a separation, are the two involved.

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