Expired music


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“Why are you listening to that old music? Get with the times!”

How many times have you played an old song, to hear this phrase from family/friends? Gets old doesn’t it? I didn’t know sound art (music being in the art group) had a listening expiration date, and you have to listen to the current trend(s) of music. Keep in mind I’m referring to older music, not genres in particular.

If you’re the listener, don’t worry about negative critique regarding your choice of music; because it’s your collection, not theirs. So what you listen to music before your time, and/or songs which positive younger memories are brought back for those 3-4 minutes, and/or something to help you through a tough time. Keep in mind that whoever complains consistently about the age of your music, don’t have a musical identity of their own, and would rather listen to what someone else said because its the thing to do. Did they ask why you like the song(s) you’re listening to? Do real friends question your choice of music if you’ve explained already why you connect with the song(s)? Are the complainers being logical, or just complaining just to complain? Are you in your personal space and they were invited in?

If you’re the one complaining, there’s a few factors to keep in mind before questioning the listeners choice of music. Did you ask what makes them connect to the song(s) in question? Why do the listeners have to play the current trend of music when the same message can be heard in their own voice from older music? Are they in their own personal space while listening to the music? Are the songs offensive to you and/or your beliefs? Keep in mind everyone is different, and as long as there’s a balance between what’s being listened to and everyone involved, as well as the space involved.

I fall under the older music category since the music I listen to has the following factors: a clear message, talent, good beat, and age-appropriate for everyone. Granted I also listen to different genres, I can play 90% of my collection around anyone, and not have to fear certain themes and/or messages misinterpreted by the younger listeners. I also listen to the current music, however there’s moments where the older music carries certain amount of weight the newer music can’t produce.

I know of a younger person who listens to music before their time, and gets a lot of negative flack from their peers because “the music is old and no one their age listens to it.” News to the complainers – why don’t your current generation listen to the song(s) in question? The response of “because it’s old” is an unacceptable answer. Come up with something original; I dare you.

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