Day 0


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The majority of bloggers today start with “Day 1” or “why I chose X and Y,” or some sort of “thank you” and continue on. I’m going to be different and start with the loneliest number – 0.

Why is 0 so lonely? How many times have you asked someone to start counting, and they start at 0? How much money does a lot of businesses start with at the beginning (excluding loans/favors, etc.)? How many fans does a beginning Video Game studio start with? How much motivation does a quitter have when they throw in the towel? When you’re first born, how many words can you speak? How many people have you dated in pre-school?

Why am I being different by starting with the number 0? Because it’s the number of current readers I have at time of posting this. It’s the number of fans I currently have on my blog. It’s the amount of money I have in my bank account after paying for access to this website. It’s the amount of gas in my car. It’s the amount of twitch watchers I know I’m guaranteed to have late night Pacific Standard Time. It’s the amount of art work I can currently display at time of writing this blog.

By now, you’re probably wondering If I’m being negative, or trying to make up for something, or even being creative in my writing. I started at 0 because it’s a forgotten number that’s important in our society. If you made it this far, thank you for reading.

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