Another quote by Sun Tzu

What does this quote actually mean? Does it mean not to fight at all? How about using your environment to it’s fullest advantage? Spying? Only endure when absolute necessary? Use tactical advances so the enemy is unaware of your location? Talk your way out of conflict? A combination of the few above? I use this quote today because of a recent situation I was a witness of. The short version is someone “heard” rumors and confronted the other person, and both ended up arguing (not debating, but arguing) over the situation. The result ended up being a broken relationship between … Continue reading Another quote by Sun Tzu

Mother Nature

Living here in Las Vegas, I learned Mother Nature apparently hates the idea of me living in an area where snow shouldn’t exist much. To those who haven’t heard the news: Why is this brought up today? There’s a big debate between Global Warming, and the natural occurrence of weather shifting through science. This is Global Warming in a nutshell: This is the Natural science occurrence (also called climate change): What’s the difference? Why is this important? Too many people throw the debate of one or the other being a big factor in why there’s … Continue reading Mother Nature

Communication is key

Person 1 – “Can you help me with X? Won’t take but a couple of minutes.” Person 2 – “I’m busy. Can it wait till later?” Person 1 – “Ok…..” Person 2 – “Goes on social media complaining about nothing to do for 3 hours.” I’m sure we all have had this type of conversation at some point in our lives. Whether we’re Person 1 or 2, I’m sure this irritates everyone involved in some form or fashion regardless of something work related, home, quick advice on a product, etc. We all (myself included) have done this at least once … Continue reading Communication is key

Click here for best offer ever!

*checks email* [] Save $$$ now on your mortgage! [] View local singles in your area [] Free payday loans here [] Surveys that pay real $$$ apply now! [] RE: Why I use male enhancement as a woman If you’re among the billions of email accounts, this list would look somewhat familiar regardless of settings. I question the marketers who try to sell services to people who don’t qualify to “reach out” to the masses. Why exactly? Regardless of what email settings you have, something will slip through which sounds enticing; and sometimes with false testimonies (or just display … Continue reading Click here for best offer ever!

Over halfway

I’m deep into the 30 day blog challenge, and here’s what I’ve learned so far: Content makes a difference Too many companies pull the “join here to get recognized, and rich!” yet want you to pay more money with false testimonies Networking is a big part of the challenge Being self-taught is a double edged sword. You learn to be self-sufficient at the sacrifice of limited “what to do next” Assistance is always welcomed My postings are actually legit, different perspectives of everyday topics Writing is actually a lot harder than most would believe Coming up with different content is … Continue reading Over halfway

Multiple roads to the same destination

This is another quote I live by due to the fact of those who act like some areas of success is only one way. If you’re like me, you get sick and tired of hearing: “You can’t do X like this! You’re doing it wrong” “Why are you doing X and Y that way? That doesn’t work.” “That is NOT how you do X!” “X ways to make Y work” “Why you’re failing at X” “How to make your X better with Y method” “Why X doesn’t work” Let’s dive into the only one way methods. I’ve seen countless articles, … Continue reading Multiple roads to the same destination

Wise words from Sun Tzu

What does this quote mean exactly? It means don’t go into conflict without knowing what you’re getting into. So many people pick fights, or “Defend” something, or even respond to a post online without actually knowing all the facts. Here’s some examples of what I’m referring to: A friend says they got fired, and you only hear their side Someone bad-talks your friends/family You post an opinion online and you notice someone posted negative comments regarding your contribution Video game tournaments “Love at first sight” Health related issues An art-related commission Taking a test in class A jealous person tries … Continue reading Wise words from Sun Tzu